Google knows more about you than what you might want them to know, only VPN can save You.
February 22, 2016


As tried to keep connected to the social media platforms in light of the Ugandan government shutdown possibly based on basic filters, I also accessed google search engine through the same approach. Interestingly after returning the search results, google was so confused because it kept asking me to refill the CAPTCHA (an acronym for “Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart”). Indeed google failed miserably to tell that I was a human being so they refused to load any link to the search results.

Then I tried gmail to access the emails, they also presented the CAPTCHA. Still google was not very sure, so they asked me to unlock my Techno F6 Phone! And I did before I could access the mail. So how did they know that I own a Techno F6 Smart phone? How did they confirm that I had unlocked it? And how much else do they know?

As an IT professional and expert at that, I am aware of some of the answers. I access gmail through my Techno Phone, so google took the liberty to keep all this information. Each time, I unlock the phone, google get to know, because the gmail application contacts them.

I don’t want to suspect that because Techno F6 is an android phone and google are the developers of android, then google might have extra tricks built in the android operating system it self.

If you think this is a simple subject, then follow the links for extra information

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