Introducing – fun with mathematics for primary school children
May 24, 2020

During the lockdown, I have had time to cleanup one of my old projects. The project initially intended for home use, has proved interesting for the larger public.

While helping out on homework with my children I noticed that children quickly get bored by print textbooks because  of the same questions and content. Besides, children like being children and the books easily get into a very sorry state. The other problem I have found with conventional textbooks is that they have a fixed set of questions on given topic. Whenever we go through a book just a few times, and then use it to revise, children just apply rote learning and recite the book without understanding, applying or remembering the underlying concepts. I ended up spending much time creating variations of the same questions to allow variety and practice. Interestingly,  with a small change in a digit or phrasing , the child struggles to answer of fails to answer something similar to what he or she has been reciting in the book.

Using existing digital platforms was not very helpful because they use recorded videos and audio or text. Whereas children seem not have much problem watching the same cartoon many times, for recorded educational content, the morale just evaporates after watching more than twice.

Leveraging on my  vast software engineering expertise coupled with extra time during lockdown, I decided to create a utility for generating as many questions as possible. In essence, we are able to generate very many new  questions on the same topic to allow unlimited practice. In fact the number of possible questions we can generate for a given sub topic are only limited by the curriculum scope. When we moved the practice and revision  from print textbooks to one of my older computers, the results have been exceptional. With extra effort, the system can mark, give answers and also provide detailed solutions.

With this system, the children generate the questions; they mark themselves and are eager to see how many they have passed. Now my task has shifted from begging them to revise but to regulate them on how much they should practice. In fact, winning the computer is their new goal. They want 10 out 10 for every quiz cycle.  Mental work has increased, some concepts now seem obvious but the beauty is that the questions are always different.

Welcome to boldungu, where bold learning by doing is the ultimate prize. With boldungu, the process is simple, choose one or more topics, generate questions, answer the questions and see the results. Working with 10 questions per quiz cycle created curiosity and the learners always aspired for 10 out 10. Check it out, for a free trial and give us feedback.

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9 thoughts on “Introducing – fun with mathematics for primary school children

    1. The plan is to graduate with our students. As the p7s that we have on the platform move to secondary, we shall be ready for s1. Its fun doing this project. We celebrate each logic we build to build the correct question and answer!

  1. Wow, great strides in the right direction. This is going to deal a great good blow to crum work which has beset our institutions of learning.

    I am just as ready to use it with my children and to promote as soon as yesterday

    Thank Dr. Benjamin

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