Boldungu origin revealed as bold and adungu for fun
July 9, 2020

Today, let me answer the question that has been on the minds and lips of Boldungu users and competitors regarding the meaning of Boldungu. This uniquely African name is a creative combination of two words “Bold” and “Adungu”.  Our platform aims to be bold and decisive in leading the way mathematics should effectively be made easy, meaningful and natural for every learner.

While we aim to be bold in our design, delivery and learner engagement, fun for learners is never to be compromised. Adungu is a stringed musical instrument of the Alur people of northwestern Uganda that  is an arched harp of varying dimensions, ranging from seven to ten strings or more. The truly African music produced by the Adungu instrument and the way the Alur people enjoy adding is a constant reminder that fun must be constant in whatever we do.

In fact, bold and adungu is repetition because the design of the adungu instrument is uniquely bold. As described by wikipedia, the physical form of the adungu derives from uniquely African origins. The instrument is made of a hollowed-out slab of wood, which is covered by two pieces of leather, woven together in the center. The upper piece of leather functions as a soundboard, and a wooden rib supports it, serving also as a structure to secure the strings to the soundboard. A curved wooden neck, containing a tuning peg for each note, is inserted into the end of the instrument’s body. The strings run diagonally from the tuning pegs in the neck to the rib in the center of the body.

With Bold and adungu combining into Boldungu, our team must be extremely creative to deliver this ambition especially when we are shaping younger minds from primary 3 to primary 7 with mathematics, the language of science. Have fun with mathematics, practice makes perfect,

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