What Boldungu is About

I want to use this post to explain what boldungu is about.  It is learning service for primary schools that we have been working on since 2018.  The target is mathematics for the early learners. The best way to understand boldungu is to look at it as a platform for helping learners practice to master mathematics.

When we say Boldungu is determined to create fun with mathematics, see what we mean in the screen capture below. No rote learning and no cramming. Because each question is specially built using Boldungu Advanced Artificial Intelligence, together with the answer and explanation. No recorded videos, no record audio, no pre-determined questions. Every thing on the fly but specific to the class as per the Uganda Primary curriculum.
If you have a learner in primary 3 to primary 7, create an account on https://boldungu.com and test drive for yourself.

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