About Me

Benjamin Kanagwa  is resident in the Pearl of Africa- Uganda, but sometime travel for business and pleasure. I largely  enjoy designing and building  real software systems, but  also involved in teaching and research. I mainly conduct research in software engineering and computer programming. Specific research interests center around large scale software systems  with emphasis on software architectures and application of Artificial Intelligence (AI). One core software related community initiative am involved in is boldungu.com - a mobile and web-based application for helping early learners excel in math.

Previously, I worked with MTN Uganda, as a senior software analyst - software development. MTN Uganda is the largest Internet Service Provider (ISP) in Uganda and has presence in many African countries.  Benjamin  holds  PhD form Radboud University Nijmegen in the Netherlands and worked on a thesis titled-"Design, Construction and Discovery of Service Oriented Systems" under   the  impeccable  steady watch   Professor Theo van der Weide. I later learnt that  Theo van der Weide  did his Masters under the supervision of Edsger W. Dijkstra.

I am engaged in several other community  and social related causes as can see from the page on community service

My main research revolves around software engineering with special emphasis on Software Architectures especially service oriented systems, microservice and cloud computing.

I am very passionate about building software business and innovations. I serve as associate professor of software engineering at Makerere University where i  head the software systems center  whose main focus is to develop collaborations with industry leading to high end technology startups and adoption. Am involved in open source initiatives including  Helecare2x, a solution aimed at helping health facilities automate patient records.