Community Service

It is always a beauty to spare part of my time resources and share them with others. That’s where happiness lies! “Happiness quite unshared can scarcely be called happiness; it has no taste.” ― Charlotte Bronte

Every year, the rotary club of  Namugongo participates a pilgrimage to the Uganda Matyrs Shrine.  The Uganda Martyrs shrine is  one of the recognized UNESCO Heritage sites. As the president of the rotary club of Namugungo for the year 201/2018,  I led the first ever such pilgrimage which serves both as a spiritual revival but highlights the shared values between rotary and Christianity. We also give a chance to hundreds of rotarians who would mainly find a challenge on 3rd June –  the official martyrs which attracts millions of pilgrims.

The event involves visting the protestant and the catholic shrine where we carry out short prayers and engage in some activities including tree planting among others. In the picture (Squatting) , I planted a symbolic tree together with the Mayor of Kira  Julius Mutebi (in Jeans) and the parish priest of the Catholic Church at Uganda Martyrs Catholic Shrine.

As part of community outreach under the auspices of the rotary club of Namungongo,  we planted trees at the Uganda Martyrs anglecan shrine. This was done in the year 2017/18 when i served as the club president for my rotary club.  The event attracted several members of the community and was graced by the Kira Municipality Mayor Julius Mutebi.

Tree planting is one of the activities that  I consider very important and a cheap way to contribute to saving the environment. Under the rotary programme, I  led a team of Rotarians as their Mission Green President (MGP) to plant trees. In the picture, I am receiving a consignment of tree seedlings from the Past District Assistant Governor who also serves and National Agriculture Advisory Service (NAADS) coordinator. The over 150 mangoes trees were planted at Namugongo Vocational and Secondary school. The planting was carried out by the rotary club of Namugongo and students joined by other rotary clubs around the area.

Medical services are still expensive and not affordable for large populations in  the  communities where I come from. Here, we are  providing free medical services to our community. The services ranged from HIV Counseling and Testing (HCT), general screening and treatment, dental clinic, and blood donation. On a single day of medical services we  served  patients in the range of 400 to 600. The medical camps are organised by the Uganda Rotary office and funded by individual contributions and partners.