Research Interests

I have broad research interests for collaboration both  academic and industry as well as students (Bachelors, Masters and  PhD ) interested in carrying out research with me.

Challenges around software engineering are of general interest to me. These may range from social issues to more technical concerns. It may not be possible to contribute knowledge  at the highest level in all areas of software engineering, however  i make every effort to  keep tabs on most of the latest trends.

Special and keen interest is in the area of software architectures, software design, and implementation. The art and beauty of clean software design, quality in the eyes and experience of users are of paramount interest. Specific areas of keen interest therefore include specific architectural approaches such as service oriented architectures, micro-services, software documentation, UML, patterns, cloud computing to mention but a few. Tools to automate software development and software production are among areas where I am keen to do research.

I take the view that software design is not an event, but a process. Consequently areas related to requirements engineering, software development processes significantly impact on the final product. I have active interest in these as well.

My research mission is to increase the quality and productivity of software development. In case you are not sure if our interests match, feel free to email at

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