• Labour Needs Assessment Survey for the ICT Sector in Uganda 2015. The aim of the study was to find out the state of labour in the ICT Sector. This study was carried out for IOM alongside other studies in the Food processing, construction and financial sector.
  • E-waste management guidelines for Uganda – This was developed  while consulting for Decimalworks Ltd –  a leading software consultancy company
  • Helecare2x – A heavily customized version of care2x for Uganda. I led the development team and i continue to manage its development and support under decimalworks Ltd. The customizations were initially done for Uganda Catholic Medical Bureau (UCMB). UCMB oversee all health facilities under the catholic church in Uganda. UCMB has over 200 health facilities. The rebranded version Helecare2x is now available for download and use under the Open source and community service by decimalworks Ltd
  • Research Proposal format for Masters and PhD Students.  Most universities including makererere require students to write a proposal as part of the masters or PhD study. Here is the format that can serve as guide on what is to be included. Some aspects may not apply to every study so consult with your supervisor.
  • Thesis writing process is can be challenging for most students. So here is flow chart of the things to be considered when writing a thesis

Past Students

PhD Students

1 . Rashidah Namisanvu, requirements engineering in agile software development (completed 2020)

2. Jacklyn Ssanyu – Grammar Aware Component Framework (On going)

3. Alex Mwotil – Cloud Computing for Low-Resource Settings( Ongoing)


  1. Fortunate Tumuhaise -Real Time Data sharing in multi-entity software ecosystem: a case study of the airport operations domain(Completed 2023)
  2. Cuthbert Asingwire (Graduated 2022)
  3. Mabel Kemigisha (Graduated 2018)
  4. Silas Ngabirano, A semantic and technical interoperability framework for e-government in Uganda (Graduated 2017)
  5. Namisanvu Rashida Kasauli, Discovery of Complex Events: A case of the Financial Crisis (Graduated 2016)
  6. Otara Paul, “Mapping Relational Databases to Cloud Computing (Graduated 2015)
  7. KIMBUGWE NASSER, A Scalable Architecture For Visualisation Of Real-Time Data Streams: A Rest-Ful Approach (Graduated 2015)
  8. Osamai Osbert, 2010/HD18/1259U A Crime Investigation Tool Based On Event Detection In Crime Data Streams (Graduated 2015)
  9. Julian Manzi, Bank Cash Monitoring Real Time Application:A Case Of Tropical Bank (Graduated 2015)
  10. Babirye Diana, A World Wide Telecom Web search engine for Voice sites and V Web Services based on automatic speech recognition of Voice from telephone users ( Graduated 2014)
  11. Semyalo Abbey Sendagire “A Mobile Phone Based Student Registration solution: A case of Makerere University Graduate School” (Graduated 2014)
  12. Micheal Mwebaze, User Controlled Dynamic Workflow Event Triggered Services (Graduated 2013)
  1. Nicholas Ssesinde, A Real Time System For Detecting And Analysing Events Using Pattern Filtering: A Case Of A Commercial Business Sales Trend (Graduated 2014)
  2. Alex Ntale (Graduated 2012)
  1. Otim Samuel Job, “Platform Independent Service Brokerage” (Graduated 2011).
  2. Ronnie Muwanguzi, Project Title: “SMS Based Fault Detection and Management System For Management Information Systems” (Graduated 2011)