About Me

I am a software architect, software engineer, computer programmer, researcher and teacher by training and experience.  I mainly conduct research in software engineering and computer programming. Specific research interests center around large scale software systems  with emphasis on software architectures and application of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and cloud computing.

I took my training in different countries starting with the first degree in Uganda at Makerere University, then masters degree in computer science at Osmania University in India and a PhD in  Software Engineering from Radboud University Nijmegen in the Netherlands where I worked on a thesis titled-"Design, Construction and Discovery of Service Oriented Systems" promoted by  Professor Theo van der Weide.

My teaching experience spans several years many at Makerere University as an Associate Professor of Software Engineering. I have also offered courses at University of Rwanda and Chalmers/Gothenburg as a visiting professor. See here for the courses i have taught.  Regarding software architecture experience, beyond teaching this course for undergraduate, masters and  Ph.D students, I have design real architectural systems for Uganda Prisons Service, Social Protection for Ethiopia, and led a team  for e-parliament architecture for Parliament of Uganda. I continue to provide architectural leadership and solution development for  Boldungu - a mobile and cloud-based application for helping early learners excel in math.

Under health, i provided software architectural and deployment guidance to a integrated patient record management system that is currently in use at several healthy facilities in Uganda.

Overtime, i have gained in-depth   domain knowledge in the following areas

- Health
- Judiciary
- Legislature
- Social Protection
- Education